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High Seas:
The Family Fortune

A Casual Game

High Seas

An innovative matching tile game available for download and purchase online.

Developed with in cooperation with The Planet.


Flag Rally

A multiplayer remake

Inspired by the classic arcade game Rally X, this is a multiplayer action game for 1-6 players.

Developed for Tele Danmark.


A capturing game

A multiplayer game with the object of capturing as much of the playing field as possible by surrounding it - and the other players.

Developed for TV2 Interactive.


An updated classic for 1-6 players

Modern update of Pong.

1-6 players can play each other over the net, with computer opponents, morphing playfield and 3 levels of difficulty.

Developed for TV2 Interactive.



Graphical chat system

Højhuset ("high-rise") is by the far the most advanced chat system in Denmark, and one of the most consistently successful avatar-based chat communities in the world.

Originally developed in 1997, Højhuset has been extended and optimized for

An average of 80.000 chatters visit Højhuset every day.

Developed for and in cooperation with Netstationen, a youth-oriented community site in Denmark.



Multiplayer action game

Action game for 1-4 players over the net.

The game is about collecting enough diamonds to reach the next level.

At the same time, the player is being pursued by green slimy monsters. Destroy the monsters by pushing crates after them.

Developed for Egmont Online, a large web community.


Puls in Space

Action game

Simple action game with high score functionality.

Developed for Netstationen, the most popular youth-oriented community site in Denmark.


Action game

Variation on Puls in Space.

"Kampen om Kagen"

Quiz-game, children's CD-ROM

"Kampen om Kagen" is quiz-game for children, which has been developed for the public Danish libraries.

The game is on CD-ROM and is available at most Danish libraries.